MakHalal: Bringing people together through food

Bringing people together through food

Here at MakHalal, we pride ourselves on bringing people together through food. There is perhaps no other universal language more broadly spoken and understood than food. For centuries, society has used eating together as a time to share ideas, stories and convictions with one another. In times of celebration and anguish, food becomes a symbol of affinity, and the dinner table has become more a place of bonding, than a simple sustenance exercise.

Read on how we focus on bringing people together through food.

Bringing people together through food.

Our Food choices bring us together

Our food choices, unlike many other things in our modern lives, bring us together in the simplest ways. From the early morning breakfast date with an old friend, sharing a sandwich with your partner in the park, or a festive holiday meal, food is often at the epicentre of our daily social activities.

Connect through Food

Our culinary ingenuity has seen humans traverse far and wide corners of the world to share recipes, ingredients and methods of preparation. We’ve become more connected through food than what technology has enabled us to believe; even if it doesn’t feel like it.

There is perhaps no better time of the day, than when it’s time to eat, wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve shared a countless number of meals with our loyal diners, and it’s time we digest what it is about MakHalal and our halal food options that bring people together.

Shared Experience

At MakHalal, our vision is to do everything differently than any other fast food restaurant, but more importantly, share our food experiences with you. That first bite of a warm halal meat sandwich, or burger or pulling apart a freshly made pizza with friends is perhaps one of the most satisfying activities of your day. Coming together to enjoy one of our menu items, creates a shared experience, and who better to choose than MakHalal?

Creating Joy with Halal Food

Research by the University of Oxford has found that individuals who share meals with others are more likely to feel happy and satisfied with their lives. Social eating, and sharing meals with others can help build community and play a key role in the development of community life and the happiness of those within the community.

While food, and sharing a meal with others isn’t considered the only direct link to happiness, it’s a pleasing fact to know that MakHalal plays an important part in helping people foster new relationships and build their communities.

We’ve become purveyors of joy, and at MakHalal, we see our patrons as part of the MakHalal family, where they come hungry, but most importantly, they leave happy.

Generosity Is More

Preparing a meal at home for others, or picking up takeaways on your way to meeting someone is a sign of generosity here in the UK. Food not only brings us closer, but it’s a symbol of gratitude, forgiveness, thankfulness, and abundance.

Social Exchange with halal fast food

Food was made to be shared. You don’t need to convince us that you can finish an entire Chicken Sizzler Pizza by yourself. However, food is a social agent that allows us to come together with others, whether it’s a new friend, a family member or even a first date.

More than this, food can be a social exchange regardless of where you might find yourself in the world. You can find our chains in city locations all over the country. Look out for MakHalal in Wolverhampton, Cardiff or Hall Green, our halal fast foods can be at the heart of your social interactions.

Borderless Experiences

We’re happy to bring flavours and ingredients from different parts of the world together, to provide you with a cultural exchange right on the doorstep. We intend to serve halal food that is limitless and seemingly borderless, and without any restriction, we’re able to share a taste of our part of the world with our local patrons.

Creating Excitement with our fast food chains

There is something mesmerising about ordering halal dishes you’ve never had before. Trying something new now and again is an exciting experience, that allows you to taste different flavours, encounter something completely new and bewildering, and explore culinary combinations that are often outside of your comfort zone.

Fostering Trust and Loyalty

There is nothing that brings us closer to one another than food. Science has even gone on to prove that colleagues who shared similar meals, often experienced higher levels of trust and connectedness compared to those that ate alone. What’s more, researchers claim that even at the most basic level, food can strategically be used to help people work together and foster trust.

Whether it’s friend or foe, or maybe even that colleague you’d never thought you’d get along with, food can become a method through which we can foster trust, loyalty and relationships.

Finds Solitude

Hectic work schedules and busy days, packed with endless meetings, conference calls, gym classes and family gatherings can easily become an overwhelming lifestyle that often requires you to take a minute and unwind. Yet, as we often need to do, and should do on a regular basis, food helps us find solace, even when everything around us can feel so rushed and overbearing.

Taking a few minutes from your busy schedule, even to quickly get some lunch, or even to warm up last night’s leftovers – food can help us to relax, and find solitude in times when everything else feels deranged and disordered.

The MakHalal Story and how we bring people together through food

Every halal menu item we product, we create is an expression of who we are, and more importantly, what we want to share with people. Making great food, for great people, means that we play a pivotal role in bringing them together.

For us at MakHalal, food is more than a meal or an item on one of our menus, or that quick bite to eat. Instead, we consider our food culinary creations that allow us to bring strangers together, where they can connect, share in the experience, and more importantly, foster new relationships, even in the most unlikely of places.

At any time of day, MakHalal is a feast that has one simple ingredient in mind – inspiring others to help unite hearts with the help of great food and good times. With one dish at a time, we’re cooking up an experience that will leave you with a lasting bond.

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Bringing people together with food.


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