Halal Food in Birmingham: The Ultimate Guide

As the second-largest city in England, and considered the cultural, financial and social centre of the West Midlands, there’s no shortage of halal food in the city of Birmingham. 

A city with a vibrant, and welcoming atmosphere, that plays as the backdrop to a melting pot of cultures, including more than 341,000 Muslims as of the 2021 census, Birmingham has one of the most thriving halal food scenes not just in the West Midlands, but perhaps anywhere outside of London.

Whether it’s a leisurely dining experience, that provides you with the best halal cuisine has to offer, or even a quick bite to eat, this ultimate guide to halal restaurants in Birmingham will help you how to find halal restaurants, and easily guide you to some of the best places to eat on your next visit to Birmingham. 

What is halal food? 

There is often a lot of confusion surrounding halal food, and why it plays such an important role for the Muslim community. For starters, the word “halal” is an Arabic word that generally means “permissible” or “acceptable.” The opposite of this is “haram” which means that something is not permitted. 

Halal refers to any food or consumables that are deemed permitted under Islamic Law, as defined in the Quran. Some food and beverages are not considered to be halal, including items such as pork, pork by-products, gelatin, or alcohol, among many others. 

Additionally, halal is not only considered with the exclusion of specific consumables, but also regards the caring, and slaughter of any animal deemed for consumption. Under Islamic Law, any animal product that will be consumed needs to follow strict preparation procedures and is further subject to a variety of hygiene and sanitary protocols. 

Typically, halal-based food is a lot cleaner, and safer for human consumption, due to the preparation. Halal tends to have increased nutritional value, seeing that dishes typically use high-quality products, a lot of fresh produce, and avoid any harmful ingredients. 

Best halal restaurants in Birmingham 

Exploring the Birmingham food scene can feel somewhat overwhelming, as there is certainly no shortage of halal restaurants in and around the city. Here’s a look at some of the best halal restaurants in Brums. 

Fast Food 

Convenient, on-the-go food that’s delicious and budget-friendly. 


MakHalal is an easy-going modern takeaway restaurant that offers simple, yet delicious halal meals, served as gluten-free options. With a variety of options, including Mak Gourmand and Mak Special, the menu caters to everyone and has a variety of kid-friendly options too. MakHalal serves traditional and modern dishes but with a more modern twist. Other menu items include perfectly cooked pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, frankfurters and mouth-watering tiramisu. We pride ourselves in serving the best halal food in Birmingham to the city that loves to eat it. With meals ranging from halal chicken to delicious desserts we’ll have you hooked on our signature dishes.


Traditional food, but with a modern twist. 

MyLahore Café

A well-known destination for halal eaters in Birmingham, MyLahore serves Asian-inspired fusion halal meals, and has established a reputation as the go-to “British Asian Kitchen.” Their menu is big and lengthy, so make sure to have a look at it before you head out to one of their locations. 

Vietnamese Street Kitchen

Simple, easy-going and authentic, Vietnamese Street Kitchen serves Asian-inspired meals, cooked using family recipes. The family run restaurant and family-owned business services bao buns, rice bowls and pho soup, among other things. A straightforward menu, and a great option for visitors looking for something different and inspiring. 


Where kids and parents can eat their hearts out. 

Zauq Buffet

With a variety of dishes, inspired by Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine, and Indian food. Zauq Buffet is a must-visit for families, especially parents looking to get value for their money. The restaurant features a standard buffet-style set-up, including a salad bar, and caters to a variety of customers with delicious halal food.

Red Couch 

Red Couch serves a variety of family-style dishes, from halal pastas, to burgers, and halal curries. This halal restaurant is a budget-friendly option for a family and serves hefty portions, perfect for anyone looking to get the best bang for their buck. 

Middle Eastern 

Flavours of the Middle East in Birmingham 

Antep Turkish Cuisine

Located just outside Birmingham city centre, Antep Turkish Cuisine provides an extensive, yet authentic Turkish-inspired menu. Their halal options are flavourful, and they offer a variety of different starters. Their hummus is a must-have, and they’re also famous for their lamb shawarmas. 

Al Bader Restaurant Ladypool Road 

There’s no shortage of Middle Eastern food at Al Bader, with a variety of Lebanese and Moroccan-style food. This halal restaurant serves a wide range of different traditional and modern Middle Eastern dishes, including kebabs, falafel, shawarmas and tabbouleh. Delicious dishes that elevates the halal dining experience.

Something new and different 

Try something you’ve never had before. 

Akbar’s Birmingham

An interesting, yet sophisticated restaurant that serves Pakistani-Indian-inspired dishes. The menu typically caters more Southeast Asian cuisine, however, the combination of Pakistani spices and herbs creates exciting and unexpected flavours, and has a diverse menu. Be sure to ask about their halal food options, including some of their chicken dishes.


A Sophisticated, contemporary, and avant-garde Indian restaurant that boasts one Michelin Star, Opheem is an innovative dining experience that focuses largely on Indian cuisine. The menu tends to change regularly, so be sure to book ahead of time. For an elevated night out on the town, Opheem is definitely one of the best options.  

Best halal butchers 

Kismat Halal Meat 

A traditional halal butchery, and a community favourite, Kismat is a stone’s throw away from Mak Halal, on Coventry Road and is well-known for their halal steak.

New Kashmir Halal Meat 

On the east end of Coventry Road, and a few short minutes walk from MakHalal is the well-known New Kashmir Halal Butcher that’s known for its speciality cuts. 

Dudley Road Halal Meat 

A halal-friendly butcher, located near Birmingham City Hospital, and around the corner from Summerfield Park. 

Mazammal Halal Meat 

Another favourite among the community, Mazammal Halal Meat is located in Lozells Road, and is considered one of the most affordable halal butchers outside of the city centre. 

Ali’s Food Store 

Selling a variety of halal-friendly products, including produce, Ali’s Food Store features a butcher, which is known for its keema and minced lamb. Ali’s is located on Alcester Road South. 

How to find halal restaurants in Birmingham 

Finding the right places to eat can be a tedious process, especially if you’re new to the city, or only visiting for a few days. While there are countless halal-friendly restaurants in and around Birmingham, here are some tips for choosing the best one. 

Value for money 

Make sure that the restaurant provides you with quality products, without having to pay an arm and leg. Many halal restaurants in Birmingham city centre tend to be slightly more expensive than those located on the outskirts. 

Quality ingredients 

Be sure that restaurants are transparent about their ingredients, and meal preparation. At MakHalal, we ensure that we only make use of the best, and freshest ingredients inclduing fresh vegetables to ensure quality meals that are nutritious and sold at reasonable prices.

Positive Reviews 

Read online reviews of the restaurant before you make a reservation, or head their way. Sometimes a few negative reviews can tell you a lot more about a place than a dozen good reviews. 

Authentic and innovative 

Not every halal restaurant in Birmingham serves the best or most authentic meals, especially if you’re someone looking for a more traditional experience. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to go somewhere you already have been before, so make sure to try something new and exciting as well. 


Birmingham is a big city, and while it can be easy to navigate and get around by train or bus, you don’t necessarily want to go out of your way to enjoy a delicious meal, especially after a long day of travelling or exploring the city. MakHalal has four locations, within proximity of nearby parks, local attractions and stations. MakHalal is located on Ladypool Road, Stratford Road, Coventry Road, and Alum Rock. Further away from Birmingham, we also have restaurants in Wolverhampton and Walsall. See our website for any new locations opening near you. 


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