Gluten-Free Halal Food Options

In the food industry, flavour is everything. We can say the same about the presentation, or aesthetics, however, for many eaters in the UK and around the world that have stringent dietary restrictions, sacrificing a few ingredients here and there can often lead to food becoming tasteless, bland and outright boring. 


For some Halal eaters, picking up a takeaway, or grabbing a quick lunch on the go that is prepared under the appropriate conditions was often considered a foreign experience in countries outside of the Middle East. 


In recent times, food in general, and more specifically Halal food have undergone a transformation, as traditional recipes became more widely enjoyed by a wide range of people. 


With the widespread need for more Halal food options, recipes and meals are being adapted, and modified – under the appropriate conditions – to suit a range of eaters. From vegetarian, vegan and now gluten-free options, we’re now at the cusp of what could be the Halal food revolution.


Let’s talk gluten-free halal food

Over the last couple of years, restaurants have become more accommodating to diners that have gluten-based dietary restrictions. For quite some time already, we’ve seen grocery stores, takeaways and restaurant chains offer gluten-free products, yet there was still a long way to go before we could see the same adoptions in Halal cuisine. 


With anything in food, it’s taken some time, but we’re now seeing pockets of restaurants, both traditional and modern, bringing onboard a range of gluten-free halal options to their menus. 


Improvements in the quality of food, and the preparation have given gluten-free Halal diners more options than ever before. No longer will they have to scoff at tasteless side dishes that don’t fill them. 


Let’s dive in, there’s a quite a few interesting options now available at MakHalal when you visit us in-store or order online.


The basics

For picky eaters, and those not looking to waste too much time, some of the basic menu items include traditional cheeseburgers, which consist of a 45g beef patty, slices of fresh gherkins, gooey cheese and sauce. Or even the Mak Cheese and Double Mak, which packs both more flavour and beef than the basic cheeseburger. 


Not in the mood to beef around? A variety of chicken options are available, including a tender and crispy chicken breast burger with fresh-cut lettuce and a bit of mayonnaise to top it all off. There’s a fish option as well for those that want to be a bit more adventurous, and vegetarian diners can choose from their simple veggie menu.


The unique

When it comes to Halal food, offering unique options can be a tricky pursuit. However, keeping things simple, yet adventurous provides Halal eaters with interesting options such as a tuna, sweetcorn, cheese and lettuce sandwich, all packed in a freshly prepared panini. 


Ditch the tune and try the chicken strips panini, or go for something more simple, like an egg, cheese and lettuce panini. 

Take it a step further, and explore the sandwich and wrap options, such as the Marrakech, which consists of freshly prepared chicken, cooked with onions, tomatoes, and some lettuce and topped with cheese and sauce. 


Explore the exotic side of MakHalal with the Merguez Sandwich, a limited edition menu option, made up of grilled beef Merguez sausage, wedges, olive oil and a tangy sauce. 

Ordering a salad at any takeaway joint seems outright strange, yet, MakHalal provides diners with several different salad options, all freshly prepared in-house and on demand. No soggy lettuce and day-old tomatoes will be found here.


The gourmand

Welcome to flavour central. This is where the hungry come to eat. Freshly prepared pizza, made from fluffy dough and topped with a bountiful list of ingredients. All Halal, all gluten-free. 

Start the weekend with a freshly made Pepperoni Plus, a pizza that makes any other pepperoni pizza look, well, ordinary. A generous amount of beef pepperoni, paired with slices of beef and a good amount of fresh chillies. 


Carnivorous eaters will find delight in the Meat Feast pizza, which consists of beef, chicken, doner kebab and beef pepperoni. If this seems too bodacious, try an Ottoman, prepared with slices of doner kebab meat, onions and fresh tomato. 

For the people that do everything in life with a bit of adventure, the Mediterranean provides a generous helping of tuna, eggs, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. After a long day at the office, you could be less bothered to cook, and the Doritos pizza is the perfect combination of foodie goodness, that pairs well with an evening at home live binge-watching series.


Our list of sensational meals at MakHalal finishes off with a loaded box, which is a generous portion of fries, topped with freshly cut chicken, mixed with a house, and further topped with jalapeños and spring onions. 

Who said that gluten-free Halal food can’t be a tasty adventure? Do something different, but most importantly, come hungry and leave happy. 


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